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Those who can…

2 May

The Only Exception

I am a firm believer that the people who are intelligent enough to make a difference as president of the United States are also smart enough to know that they don’t want to be president…



1 May

Last night I had the strangest dream

As if Burroughs himself spun the truth in my bed

So far gone I awoke as if eight sets of tiny hoofs were dancing on my head

I reached for a Boro and certainly felt for the pill of life

The current one they give these days to gonzo heads

Who can’t read books and drop names of famous lost civilizations

Or the Poets

And yet I saw the structures of ancient Rome as Bill painted my night for me

And the day begins to take the nightlife and replace it with a blank Word again

I saw with shut eyes the dream of the apple of life blown away by truth and justice and the American way

Ashamed and bound and pissed on like a fly on the turd of the whitewashed home of the man who freed man

What will the wife think to hear such talk

Did I really bring myself or was I brought by the others the more learned

//so then it isn’t my fault and I can laugh awhile before I rest my head again Thank God//

As I beat and am beat up by Benzedrine sandmadmansalesmen who sell my dreams for a song

And a decent night’s sleep with a friendly sheep

A shot back in the dark with recoil

As the day begins with all the mortallness it can muster and a cup of Joe