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Jaxon’s Juke

12 Aug

It was sumthin’ givin’ de night. I usually walked in about 7 o’clock and put my guitar down in the back corner. Weren’t no stage. Weren’t no amplification or mikes. Was noise tho’, plenty of dat. The alchohol had come from across de river was stored usually next to the shotgun next to de owner. I got a few of them drinks in me and then I gets to thinkin’ about my job. I had to play the crowd. 

I had to make these people jump n’ howl…

The owner was a white man named Jaxon. He had one eye. One good eye anyways. Amazin’ how that one eye could round up a room. He could be the meanest son of a bitch when he needed. Or the kindest white folk you ever seen in the state of Mississippi. Ol’ Jaxon was all business first tho’…

“I ain’t runnin no charity. Sure nuff I wants you all to to have fun but you got’s to hold up your end or mine’s gonna fall on you. Hard.”


Blues Dialect Words of the Day

5 Aug

“policy writin’ man” – (hint: to play the numbers)

“back door” – (hint: your sittin’ on it)

“Mister Crump” – (hint: Now Mister Crump don’t like it, ain’t gonna have it here”  — Memphis politician around 1909)

“raising the deuce” – (hint: deuce is a synonym for ?)

“head-board” – (hint: –“On my head-board write my name” — Blind Willie McTell, “Lay Some Flowers On My Grave,” 1935

Boogin’ Mustang

3 Aug

Boogin’ Mustang

your boogie’s all right

Boogin’ Mustang

you boogie’s all night

Blues Dialect Words of the Day

2 Aug

R. Crumb owns one of the most extensive collections of original blues recordings in the world. He resides in France today and would like to be left alone.

to ride the blindshint: done on trains

canned heathint: toxic confection