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TrAin COming ArOUNd thE BEND…

28 Sep

I start this story with a recording of Robert Johnson being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame coming out of the Bose speakers from the inside of my 1st Generation iPod – (80 GB).  I shuffled it to the Velvet Underground recording with which I have named this piece. Which led to John Lee Hooker and so on,

“Their late,” I hissed.

Bobby just stood still to stern, his head cocked sideways so that his right ear might catch anything, anything being what was supposed to go down – the sound of his right foot,  his steel toed leather boot “nut cracker”, tapping steadily at the brass flashing at the base of the wooden mast.

“Get the flare gun, hurry up” he barked.

“Bobby no. No flare.”

“The first one will light the chink bastard’s junk up. And the second one will go right up his ass. If you won’t get it I will!”

The Noise was distant but we both heard it.

“Shh…,” I raised one finger to my lips. Off Starboard?

Bobby raised his shotgun’s barrel to waste level. Then he became a statue on deck. Ears pricked waiting to send a message to  the brain and from there to the eyeballs; onward toward  the physical response to “survive” (the most necessary of muscle synapses) – the time it takes for any average person to react quickly to a bad situation is the difference between life and death. More so if you happen to be jumpy because of possible unknown circumstances, in this case some serious jail-time.

Then once more…

“Goddammit, I never should of tried this…! Ouch!”

“Munson?” Bobby said softly.

“You’re kidding…”, I felt my eyes rolling in their sockets.

“Bobby that you? Man tell me if it is- I’m fucking lost!!!”

“Get a grip flatfoot. Drop your anchor and we’ll come to you. ” Bobby set the gun down and unstrapped his elk antler handled gutting knife. ” One mean “Arkansas Toothpick” as he liked to call it.

There is an unwritten rule that applies once you have pulled your knife. Simply put, you use it as needed and accept the results.