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The Good, The Bad, and The Truth About Guns

17 Jan
The Good, The Bad, and Truth About Guns.

The Good, The Bad, and The Truth About Guns. Does the “Clint Squint” do the trick?

Clint Eastwood…think about him for a moment…I have not seen all of his movies but then for the most part,who has? The sentiment that I am about to express stems from seeing my fair share of his flicks while growing up and also possibly the fact that I had to wash the brains of my best friend’s head  off of my shoes after he unloaded a round of a .35 caliber  into his right temple at the age of 17 (1977).

Dirty Harry at his worst never really needed more than one shot (aka, one bullet mind you) to take down the antagonistic assholes he had to deal with.  Ask yourself, Has Clint ever had to reload? I mean this guy will walk up to a bank robbing scumbag while the punk is trying to reach for a shotgun that is jusssssst out of his reach and Clint will say “Do you feel lucky?” knowing that his own gun may not have any bullets left in any of its chambers…

What I am trying to say is Clint will wound a bad guy just so he can shoot the bastard a second time.

As The Stranger, Clint would flip his poncho over one shoulder and walk right down the middle of main street in some dusty dilapidated old Western town, chewing on his thin stub of a stiletto cigar. He was Good, real Good…not sweating the small stuff. Taking out quickly, The Bad, The Ugly, each filthy dirty sombrero wearing outlaw, one by one, as tumbleweeds rolled off out into the blinding heat of The Desert…

I think that any gun owner should be able to shoot with accuracy.  I mean have they no pride in their ability to own a gun and be able to use it efficiently for chrissakes? An AK47 Assault Rifle is at its very basic level a gun for someone who really can’t hit what they are shooting at in the first place!! I say quit your crying about magazines!!! Get your sorry asses home and learn how to load, aim, and fire a gun. Maybe hit a nice empty whiskey bottle on the first try, made even better if you happen to have just drank the whole bottle first, and if needs be in a desperate scenario you can always hit your brother -in-law or pain-in-the-ass neighbors over their heads with the empty bottle after you miss blasting it apart into a million pieces because you have terrible aim!!

Make Clint Eastwood proud. Make America Proud To Be America.

Thanks, I’m done…fuck it. You are just a goddamn waste of good ammunition…