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How Much Time?

31 Aug

How Much Time? 

How Much Time? 

our first kiss stole my heart

the second body and soul

I wish I could undo you

replace the worn out heart,

refill the old soul’s hole

And reset the broken bones
I’d build my world, my world baby, a world around you

My streets, my home, my

Wear, tear and mileage

Spraying ether down my intake

Praise Odin and Floki

Praise the very Gates of Valhalla
I’ll ride my Iron Horse West

Upon Tatonka and/or even crawl
No more headaches

No more

Primal screams off the walls of my skull

No more


No more time
I can’t stand still

   Just the gunshot echoing down the Valley

Cowering in a corner, eating paint chips in the dark
That is some weird shit



Why do we write, paint, make music, create?

18 Aug

┬áKeith Richards once said the writer has a blank page, the painter, the blank canvas, and he as the musician has silence as his palette. Michelangelo said he saw the angel in the stone and set it free. Once I heard a NASCAR sports announcer describe a race car as a sixteen valve wind instrument. In goes the good air out goes the bad. A Screamin’ Demon!!!