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Tall Tales

25 Jan

Tall Tales

Can you remember when and where your eyes were suddenly not those of a child’s? When kick the can in a dusty country parking lot, hide and seek, Marco Polo, blind man’s bluff, tag, running bases, looking for a four leaf clover patiently and methodically, the fascination of all those hard working ants,…Where? Where did they all go? When did Cooties come off the list as an actual diagnosis? And so much more? When did it turn into another black spot on the pavement? Another man’s chewed gum. So many black lumps all over the city pavement. And yet our streets are far better than say those of Pompeii. Where a carved penis denoting the nearest brothel directs you to a building on the other side of the street. Crossing giant granite stones placed carefully and measured to allow chariot wheels to roll the thoroughfare where horse manure, and human waste, urine, the rot of humanity was like a lava pit even before the volcano blew.
And your front door is 4’ feet from it all.
“Hey let’s go down to the coliseum tonight! Tickets! New show! Good seats! Eh?!”
Can you just imagine what a Saturday night at the Pompeii Coliseum was like?
Can you just imagine? Compared to our current coliseums of today?

Thumbs up, Thumbs Down, and Ice Cold Beer

“Check it out! Get yourself this limited edition toga! The Great Sabre Lion vs Lionel the Large! One night only!”
Lionel the Large.
Can’t you just picture the scene outside the Pompeii Coliseum on a Saturday night? People tailgating on the backs of wooden wagons. There would have to have been a lot of torches lit for the night show. The lighting crew working like diligent Disney employees behind the scenes. I bet there must have been big money at the box office. Giant foam rubber Thumbs, candles to light up for the encore. Pre engraved stones that say,”I threw this rock on, the date, and a little old man in booth hard at work filling in people’s names. You could collect your stone after the show on the actual field of play and if you’re lucky you may come across an actual artifact from the show while you’re on your hand and knees in the dark looking for your personalized stone.

I’ve heard that Tony the Tiger got his start at the Forum long before his face sold cavities to us as kids.